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Traveling with right suitcase is the key for travelers around the world. Ryan Air is one of the busiest airlines of Europe. Those who travel with Ryan Air need to comply with the rules and regulations regarding hand baggage.

Bags/Suitcase requirement for Ryan Air Travelers

With regard to the hand baggage policy of Non priority customer (those who have not purchased priority and 2 cabin bags), They can bring (1) small bag (laptop, handbag etc) with the maximum size of 35x20x20cm. In that case your other 10 kg bag which must be of size 55x40x20cm weighing upto 10 kg need to fit in the sizers at the gate before it is tagged and placed into hold for being charged. 
In case of non compliance, customers will have to pay the charge of £50.
Priority & 2 Cabin Bags
Customers who have purchased priority and two cabin bags, Flexi plus, Family Plus, Plus are allowed to bring their one bigger cabin bag. Also one small cabin bag on board. Small bag has size limit of 35x20x20 cm. Whereas, 2nd 10 kg bag must not be more than 55x40x20cm in size.

Our Specialty

We have the required bags to meet your travel requirements with Ryan Air. Small bag of dimension 35x20x20 cm.and big bag with the  size 55x40x20 cm.


The main objective of writing this article was to convey to customers about the requirements of hand baggage of Ryan air. One of the traveling essentials is to comply with hand baggage policy.

Customers must bring the right suitcase/bag to avoid and hassle or inconvenience before taking Ryan Air flight.

We deal in the bags/suitcases with the required sizes of 35x20x20 and 55x40x20 cm. So, we are the right choice for you to pick the bags to suit you before, during or after your flight.  You can fit your outfits, shopping, children accessories etc. in this for an easy and relaxed trip.


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