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The size, weight and number of items that you are carrying on your journey determine the type of your luggage. Medium and Large sized suitcases fall in the category of check-in luggage.

Check-in Luggage

Checked Luggage refers to the items of luggage placed in the hold of an airline or train for transportation.

Different airlines have checked in luggage policies with regard to size and weight restrictions.

Customers luggage must comply with their airline luggage restrictions.

Check In suitcases size limit for few of the airlines:

Air France:

Size Limit: 158 cm / 62.2 inch (a + b + c)

Customers checked luggage item must not be more than this dimension including all the pockets, wheels and handles.

British Airways

Size Limit: 90 x 75 x 43cm / 35.5 x 29.5 x 16 inches

A checked bag can be maximum of the said size Limit. This includes all the handles and wheels, any bit that sticks out.

The weight limit is applicable to each bag. It’s not possible to divide the total weight across multiple bags.

Virgin Atlantic

Size Limit: 90x75x43cm.

The said size limit applies to Economy, Premium Economy, Upper class and Infants Check in Luggage.

Thomas Cook

Each item of baggage has an outer dimension limit of 158cm (length + width + height).  If the outer dimensions or free baggage allowance exceed the specified limits then, excess baggage charges will apply. The additional baggage can be checked along with other checked baggage.

Our Offer

We have medium and large sized suitcases available that best cover the best check in luggage requirements of most of the airlines. These suitcases are available in different varieties and color. They have ample space in them which would serve your travel purposes very well.


We offer wide range of best quality Check in luggage to accommodate your travel needs. Just select the best Check In Luggage according to your own taste and we will make sure that we meet your satisfaction level. We also offer next day deliveries so that you don’t have to wait for your products to arrive.