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Luggage Sets

The right size of luggage is a suitcase or bag that has enough to hold everything you need on your trip. Families and Business travellers at times need travel luggage sets to fulfil their travelling needs.

Now the question arises Where to buy luggage sets? There are a variety of best luggage sets available at our online stores for you. you can find cheap luggage sets, to stylish luggage sets in good quality.

Discount On Luggage Sets

On our web store, you can get Soft Sided Suitcases as well as Hard sided suitcases. the trendy luggage sets are available in different sets with various sizes and colours.

However, special discounts are available for the customers who buy the suitcases in the form of luggage sets that is the combination of different sizes of each model.  We have various sizes available for different types of suitcases.

Soft Sided Suitcases (One of the models)

Model no:  BB01

Colours: Black, Blue and Coffee

Sizes:  18.5”(47 cm), 24”(60 cm), 28”(70 cm), 32” (80 cm)

Specification: Set of 4pcs Luggage set 4 wheels case, Polyester Twill material, Eva at two sides of the case.
Expandable to get more space which extends 20%, Full lined interior, Top and side handles,
Combination lock, One inside zipper pockets, Two Front pockets.

We have this soft side suitcase with different sizes i.e. small, medium, large and extra large. discount is available if you buy the combination of these sizes.

Similarly discount is available for the purchase of different sets.

Hard-sided Suitcases (One of the Models)

Model no. D281A

Colours: Black, champagne and Silver

Sizes: 18.5”(47 cm), 24”(60 cm), 28”(70 cm), 32”(80 cm)

Specification: Set of 3 pcs 4 wheels hard case
-Fully Lined
-Reinforced corners
-Top and side handle
-Four strong wheels system
-Expandable which extends the bag by 20%
-Combination lock

If you buy in the combination of these sizes i.e. small, medium, large, extra large etc. A discount will be given.

Discounts are also available on hand-carry, medium-sized, large sized and extra large sized suitcases upon buying of sets i.e. different sizes of each model.

It’s worthwhile to buy luggage sets for good discounts.


The main purpose of writing this article is to draw customer’s attention towards discount available on luggage sets. They’ll get a good discount on purchasing of different sizes of each model. We are committed to saving you money by offering such package.