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The right size of luggage is a suitcase or bag that is suitable enough to hold everything you need on your trip. Lightweight suitcases and bags are becoming preference of most of the customers.

However, what one needs to pack can highly vary from one trip to another. Therefore, most of us own more than one item of luggage.

Advantages of Lightweight Suitcases and Bags

The ideal lightweight suitcase has less weight without compromising the quality. This is really important as bulk of the luggage weight lies in important luggage parts, like the luggage frame, external material and wheeling system

You can pick more weight if your luggage piece is lighter. The airlines are really adopting strict policies in terms of luggage allowance. So, every kilo/pounds of your luggage counts.

Reasons for choosing Light Weight Suitcases

The weight of standard medium suitcase is more than 12 pounds (5.4) kilos with the luggage allowance for check in suitcases is between 23-32 kg. Carry on luggage weight limit is different for the airlines but normally it falls between 5-18 kg.

Carry on Bags and Suitcases

Generally Carry-on Bags are 21 – 22 inches in size to become as lightweight. Weight should be less than 10 pounds (4.5 kg). The ideal lightweight carry-on bags weight is considerable less, or from 6 – 8 pounds i.e. 2.7 – 3.6 kg.

Our Offer

We have the lightweight suitcases and bags available for the comfort of customers. These bags are ideal for carry on luggage and day to day travel. These lightweight bags qualify for the airlines policy of carry on luggage.


The main purpose of writing this article is to convey to customers about the utility and advantages of lightweight suitcases. Our offer of lightweight suitcases will help customer a great deal for choosing right piece of traveling for them.