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The perfect size of luggage is a suitcase or bag that is best to hold everything you need on your journey. 30 inch suitcases provide enough space for packing.

However, what passengers need to pack depend upon their trip. Therefore, most of the travelers own more than one piece of luggage.

30 inch Suitcases

The bags and suitcases of size 30 inch are classed as Large Sized Bags and Suitcases.

These suitcases are most suitable for fortnight vacation. Garments, toiletries, kids accessories etc. can easily be packed in these suitcases.

People living and working away from their homeland, when they go home they have a lot of items, gifts etc. for their family members. Therefore, they need large sizes to adjust all the things accessories in them. 30 inch suitcases are good enough to find extra room.

We have 30 inch suitcases available to provide customers with quality and ample packing.

Family Vacation Trip

The ideal suitcases for families are practical and fulfill the requirements of all family members.

The family vacation sometimes is demanding and you need to carry extra items with you especially when you are travelling with children and infants.


  • It is easy to maneuver with a quality wheeling system plus an easy-grip handle.
  • Light weight bags
  • Flexible
  • versatile, ideal to use on different family trips and vacations
  • Organized, internal of the suitcase will be helpful for you to organize stuff.
  • Durable, you don’t have to replace your family luggage frequently


The main purpose of writing this article is to emphasize on the utility of 30 inch suitcases and our offer in this regard. For fortnight vacation with families, usually large suitcases and bags are required. Keeping in mind all these things, the suitcases that we offer cater the travel needs of families very well.