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The right size of luggage is a suitcase or bag that is suitable enough to hold everything you need on your trip.

However, what one needs to pack can highly vary from one trip to another. Therefore, most of us own more than one item of luggage.

24 inch /61cm Suitcases and Bags

Bags and suitcases of 24 inch/ 61 cm in size fall in the category of medium sized bags and suitcases.

This size of bag is the perfect choice for travelers who want a small, lightweight sized luggage smaller, lightweight luggage option to check in. These suitcases have ample space in them. You can pack your outfits, toiletries, medicines, kids accessories, shopping etc.

Bags of this size are even suitable for two people who want their stuff packed in a single suitcase.

These bags are ideal for travelling by road, plane or a coach, giving you luxury in terms of size, capacity, packing etc.

Business trips

24 inch/61 cm sized suitcases also cater the travelling needs on business trips. Personal belongings along with accessories like laptop, handbag, files, papers, other documents can easily fit into these bags. The most famous business baggage for personal belongings should ideally be up-right wheeled carry-on bag or spinner. Some business travelers though give preference to wheeled garment carrier bag, These are considered the ideal luggage for business travelers who are  travelling with suits.

Also the the most popular luggage for business gadgets and accessories tend to be wheeled laptop luggage cases. Some of the business gadgets demand some extra protection as they are widely used on daily basis such as i pads and smartphones.

Businessmen can use any carry-on bag and suitcases for their  personal belongings when travelling on business trip.

Our Offer Of ’24 inch/61 cm’ Bags and Suitcases

We have medium sized bags and suitcases available, fit for your travel needs.  Rely on our compact sized bags available in different varieties.


The main objective of writing this article is to describe the utility of 24 inch(61 cm) bags, their ample space and our offer for customers.

These bags are available in many varieties which will give you enough space for packing.