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The right size of luggage is a suitcase or bag that is suitable enough to hold everything you need on your trip.

However, what one needs to pack can highly vary from one trip to another. Therefore, most of us own more than one item of luggage.

While traveling, some people give preference to small and light suitcases. They find such suitcases manageable even if they are going for long trips.

18” Suitcases

18” size suitcases are among the international carry on sizes, as they are allowed as a carry-on for most of the  International flights. They are ideal for trips of 1-2 days. They have packing space for a few garments/outfits, toiletries and a pair of shoes.

The businessmen who are required to travel frequently, 18 inch sized suitcases serve their travelling purposes very well.  They are ideal for 1 or 2 days business trip.

This size of suitcase is also fit for personal items like laptop, jewelry,  kids accessories etc.

Specifications and features of our 18”sized suitcases

Super Light weight 5 pcs Luggage set, Push button internal trolley, Front zipper pocket.

Polyester material
18″ – 2.1 kg- 34 cm (L) x 46 cm (H) x 17 cm (W).

You can define your luggage needs by using our categories. In small size category this 18” sized bags are ideal for your travelling essentials for a couple of days trip. These easy to handle suitcases will be your best companion.


The main purpose of writing this article is to convey to customers about the utility of 18” size bags. Few outfits, toiletries and a pair of shoes are needed for a couple of days trip.

Our 18″ – 2.1 kg- 34 cm (L) x 46 cm (H) x 17 cm (W) with polyester material is the right option for customers to pack their essentials.