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Wizz Air Wizz Air Bags and Suitcases Size Limit

No. of items: One (1).

Size Limit: 55x40x23 and 40x30x18 for one small bag(with Wizz Priority).

Weight Limit: 10 kg.

Additional items

Customers can also bring additional items like a coat, blanket, reading material, food for infants, crutches for physically disabled people.

Wizz Priority

If customers buy the WIZZ Priority service (or if they are entitled to WIZZ Priority with Pass, WIZZ Privilege, WIZZ Plus bundles or WIZZ GO), Wizz Air guarantees that the hand luggage will travel with them in the cabin. They will also be allowed to carry one extra small bag such as a handbag, a laptop bag or a camera bag. that should not be larger than the dimension of 40 x 30 x 18 cm. That item must be placed on the seat that is in front of you.

Without Wizz Priority

Customers without WIZZ Priority can only carry one item/piece of hand luggage of maximum size  55 x 40 x 23 cm. Maximum allowed weight is 10 kg.

Size Limit for Check-in Bags x 6 (PAID)

The checked in bags must not be larger than 149x119x171 cm.

Checked-in bag types:

  • 20 kg checked-in bag
  • 32 kg checked-in bag.

Our Offer:

We have the bags and suitcases available according to the size specifications of Wizz Air. Bags of sizes 55x40x23 and 149x119x171 cm are available. These bags will serve the traveling purpose very well.


The idea behind writing this article is to convey the significance of using right-sized Wizz Air Bags and Suitcases. To avoid any hassle and inconvenience, customers should know about these size specifications for checked in bags. so that they can travel with a peace of mind. Size Limit for Hand baggage is 55x40x23 cm free.  40x30x18 cm for one small bag(with Wizz Priority). 149x119x171 cm up to 6 bags paid.