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Thomas Cook Baggage Allowance

For customers of Thomas Cook Airlines, the standard baggage weight limit is 15 kg. However, 20 kg  and 23 kg are the allowances for long-haul and flights to USA respectively.

The standard baggage allowance for customers who have booked a FlexiTrips packagge can vary between 0kgs to 25kg per person. It will also be displayed on their travel documents.

If a family or friends are traveling, they have the option to pool their baggage allowance. Weight limit in this case is 30 kg for one case (for lifting purposes).  The option of combining luggage is not available for passengers traveling to the Canada, USA or Puerto Rico. 

This specified free baggage allowance is applicable to each passenger.

Dimensions of Bag

Each item of baggage has an outer dimension limit of 158cm (length + width + height).  If the outer dimensions or free baggage allowance exceed the specified limits then, excess baggage charges will apply. The additional baggage can be checked along with other checked baggage.


General allowances Classification

Standard Allowance: 15 kgs included (extra 10 kg can be purchased)

Signature holidays: 20 kg included

Long haul: 20 kg included

Long haul USA: 23 kg included

Premium class: 25 kg included

Premium class USA: 32 kg included

Flight only: 0kgs (baggage can be purchased as an extra)

Hand Baggage: 6 kg

Premium class hand baggage: 10kg

infant baggage: 10 kgs.

Our Offer

We want customers to have stress free journey. We have got purpose made bags and suitcases for you with sizes up to 20 kg, 23 kg, 25 kg, 32 kg bags also with an outer dimension of 158 cm. Which means customers don’t have to worry about over weight or over sized bags that could cause hassle while traveling. We’ll provide you the bags that best suit your journey with Thomas cook.


The article describes the hand baggage policy of Thomas cook. It also guides customers about the bags of right size and wight, that need to carried on board.

After reading this article customer will be able to buy required bag for traveling with Thomas cook.