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In today’s busy world, passengers need the suitcases that best suit them for their travel requirements.We have Jet2 Suitcases collection that serves the purpose of hand baggage as well as checked in luggage on your flight with jet2

Jet2 Suitcases Requirements

Size of the Jet2 Suitcases must be of max. 56cmx45cmx25cm and that is inclusive of all handles and wheels. If your hand baggage doesn’t fall within this size, you’ll have to check this in as check-in baggage. There is also a charge for this which must be paid.

In addition to that one piece of a handbag containing a laptop, airport purchase or handbag is also permitted.

We cater this hand baggage requirement very well.

Suitcases for 22kg checked in luggage

Our 22 kg checked-in bags are 100% suitable for you to bring all the essentials of traveling. You can bring all your outfits, small luxuries and still you’ll have enough space for bringing back your shopping plus souvenirs.

According to the policy of Jet2, customers can take up to three 22kg checked-in bags per person

That makes the total of 66 kg, which is more than enough for everything.

Customers can take up to three 22kg checked-in bags per person with a combined weight of 66kg, that’ll be more than enough for everything!

For each traveling customer. the baggage allowance is 22kg  per piece of baggage booked and paid for (excluding infants). In case of pre-booking additional luggage in advance of travel, then there is an increment in allowance by 22 kg per piece of extra baggage with a maximum booking of 3 pieces of baggage, or 66kg, per traveling customer including weight restriction of 32kg.


This article was written to let customers know the exact requirements of Jet2 Suitcases. We are specialized in the suitcases that are needed for the journey.

For the ease of customers, they need to abide by the rules of baggage set by the airline and choose the right thing.