Wizz Air Hand Baggage Policy

Wizz Air

Wizz Air is an inexpensive airline. Head office is based in Budapest.

Wizz Air Hand luggage policy


Hand Baggage Allowance

Size Limit

Passengers with no Wizz Priority can carry only one(1) piece of hand baggage with size 55x40x23cm

Weight Limit

The maximum allowed weight is 10 kg.

Wizz Priority

If customers buy the WIZZ Priority service or if they are entitled to WIZZ Priority with WIZZ GO, WiZZ Privilege Pass or WIZZ Plus bundles then airline guarantees that their hand luggage will travel with them in the cabin area, and they can carry one additional small bag  such as a laptop, a hand bag or a camera bag) with the size up to 40 x 30 x 18 cm which must be put underneath the seat which is in front of them.  If they bring two items of hand luggage, both exceeding 40 x 30 x 18cm, then one of the bags must be checked in for respective fee.

Wizz Air has a strict policy of only one (1) item of cabin baggage per person.

Additional items allowed on board

Passengers can bring the following items in addition to their allowed hand baggage:

  • a coat
  • a mobile phone
  • reading materials such as magazine etc. for the flight
  •  For infant (younger than two years of age) a small crib or a foldable baby stroller and their food for the flight.
  • a pair of crutches for disabled passengers


Liquids are allowed to be carried on board in maximum 100 ml large container, must be packed into a reasonable, transparent, 1 litre plastic bag of 20 x 20 cm. At airport, baggage will be screened.


As there is limited space available on board. So, airline can not guarantee that hand luggage of passengers will be travelling with them in the aircraft cabin area. If number of bags are too many, staff might take your bag into the hold. If this happens we recommend customers to remove all the valuables from their bag.


The article explains in detail about the hand baggage allowance of wizz air. To avoid any inconvenience, customers need to check the size and weigh their hand baggage which must be 55x40x23 cm and 10 kg respectively. However, provisions are available for Wizz Priority and non priority customers.

If staff take your bag into the hold because of excessive quantity then you should remove all the valuables from bags.

Airline is strict in terms of cabin baggage policy per person.

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