Emirates Hand baggage Policy


This largest airline of middle east played a key role in transforming Emirates state from an oil rich state to a global tour destination, it is indeed a huge achievement. Credit goes to its friendly services, environment that they have been offering to their customers since 1985. Now it has become one of the best options for travelers around the world

Emirates hand luggage allowanceran

Hand Baggage Policy

Emirates  offers a system where the baggage allowance changes depend on the route, class of travel and Skywards membership tier.

General allowance for first class and business class passengers include two pieces of carry on baggage. One briefcase plus either one handbag or one garment bag, subject to size and weight limit.

Economy Class passengers may have one piece of carry-on baggage..

Hand Baggage Size Limit

Airline permits Bags with built-in wheels and retractable handles as cabin baggage only if the total dimensions (length + width + height) add up to less than 114 cm (45 inches).

The larger, overnight models of this type of bag will not be allowed in the cabin.

For further details please visit emirates website


Apart from this hand baggage policy and size limit, Emirates says that its cabin crew provides assistance in adjusting hand baggage in the cabin or under the seat, which is indeed very helpful especially for elderly people and ladies.


The main purpose of writing this article is to provide customers with relevant information about the hand luggage size of Emirates airline. Sometimes travelers get confused about the hand baggage allowance which results in delays and hassles.

This article contains information about the size of hand baggage that airline allows bags with built in wheels and retractable handles as cabin baggage provided that dimension i.e. length, width and height must be less than 114 cm (114 inches). So, it’s worthwhile for the customers to go through before planning their trip or getting on board.

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